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ah, sorry for the bad quality gif, tumbler has some strict rules on how big a  gif file you can upload ._.

anyways trying out more stylist stile for This, started this as a sketch and colored it in Photoshop CS 6 : D



reblogging to share with my new pipes<3 ^w^( I didnt even know we can reblog ourselves) ?!

(Source: theartofanimation)

So This is my Gender bend version of Elsa and Jack (OTP lol), Jackie and Elsir : ) Hope you guys like.

So this was a good change of pace for me because I started to do lined drawings. it’s really fun to do more stylist drawings using lines ^_^ and couples are rly fun to draw !

lol sorry for the inconsistent styles XD;; was experimenting mostly @_@;;

Gender bending Mulan ?!

wondering how I can gender bend Mulan when she already  Gender bended herself in the movie lol XD;;

Here’s some sneak picks on what I’m working on ^u^

I’m hoping to gender bend all of them !

last post of the day,
look who I&#8217;m working on *w*;;; WIP
he&#8217;s my guilty pleasure lol

last post of the day,

look who I’m working on *w*;;; WIP

he’s my guilty pleasure lol

lol was trying to personify Simba XD;;;;

Sketch *^_^

Who Else Is FREAKING out that Angelina Jolie is maleficent * squeal * !!!

sHe’s perfect fort he role !

sketch on the train again and colored it after with Ps CS 6 for fun :3

Elsa, Jack frost Gender bend ^u^  speedpaint ! for the fun

Late Valentine picture XD;;; Hope you guys enjoy <3

Just wanted to do something sexy but yet appropriate for Mister Jack Frost and Elsa, the snow queen ^_~

Their Love is Melting the snow…

pen sketch :3
gonna try to do a  sketch a day :3

pen sketch :3

gonna try to do a  sketch a day :3

Chibis from last batch of chibi comish :3

 70$ per character

contact me here or on tumblr or on my e-mail : if you are interested : )

I rly need a scanner U_u
having some fun doodling with animator&#8217;s pencil :3

I rly need a scanner U_u

having some fun doodling with animator’s pencil :3

work in progress ^_~  teaser

work in progress ^_~  teaser