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Male Cruella De Vil is now finished (with Fur coat!) based on SakimiChans design.

Awwwwwww yeahhhhhhh <3 thank you for cosplayring one of my paintings, it turned out super awesome !

Thank you guys for all for your support&#160;!

Thank you guys for all for your support !

so I was feeling sick so I stayed home today,
I thought I’d continue from last night’s live stream for the scar piece ^_^

 three big evils

My takes on male maleficent, Male Ursula and female Hades.

I love painting fantasy and none human colored skin! Hope you guys like ^_^

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artist is sakimichan.
i happened to see this on my feed and of course, wanted to know who drew it so i clicked on the comments.
take a look.
the page doesn’t even give credit because “No page does”. this person has the time to repost images, but can’t even give credit to the artists that took the time to draw amazing pieces like this?
people like these piss me off. people should always be credited for the work they’ve done. :T

I messaged that page, and asked to source me, but that guy didn’t want to, so I told him/her I was going to report this to facebook, He called my ignorant, Then I told this guy to Take my image off if he’s so unwilling to link back.

So Long story short, He/she didnt want to link  back to the original artist (there were alot, he/she didnt want to take off the images when I requested him to take them off. He was even using my image as his icon.

and he/she told me to fuck off illiterately ,

In the end this kind of people aren’t worth dealing with so I’m not going to pursue this guy further, I’m just going to keep doing what I love and that’s it.

Honestly I didnt expect anything to change, I just wanted to clear something out, but damn you guys are amazing <3 Thank you for standing up for me and the other artist who’s work have been previously posted without source. but now seems like the guy decided to man up and do it the right way by sourcing all the images ! I really really appreciate this. and kudos to the new admin of the page who’s doing all the sourcing !I think they deserve some credit to actually changing their ways of doing things.

Hey Guy’s This will probably be the last update I make.I though you guys deserved to know what I’ve learned because you guys were the ones who were getting things done <3

I was contacted by the only admin Akira Dark who was nice enough to be doing all the sourcing work.and from what I’ve learned This is what I’ve learned.

the group is made up of 15-18 year old. Mostly girls.I was informed of one of their identities, but I wont post it for security reasons.

So We managed to get them to get a really nice Admin named Akira Dark  to start sourcing the artist  last night, and he was doing a good job, but From the looks of it, the “girls”  who I assume didn’t like that because , quote” Every since links started being posted with pictures, less people have been seeing the art. .-. Hope you guys are happy."  so in the end, The "girls" who didn’t like that they are getting less likes decided to delete the only admin who actually wanted to keep sourcing the art.

So now where’s what I think. It’s obvious to me that these  girls are spoiled, entitled and care only for the popularity of their page, despite the only reason they r getting so much attention is because of artists who spend the time to create the works they r using.

And finally here’s what the girls said:

"Anyone that complains about images not being sourced will be banned.
Other pages, They don’t source it. But NOBODY cares. Why? People come to see pictures. Yet, you only attack my page.”

Well I thnk peoepl would have been nicer to you if first, you weren’t being a dick and made up stupid reasons to why you couldn’t source ppl when the real reason is you only care about how much likes you get. 2. when an artist request that you credit, a removal of their image, you don’t tell them to fuck off. 3. you deleted the only good admin who actually want to do things the right way. 4. Lets face it, out society reacts to injustice strongly, and if the other pages were as immature and entitled as yours was, I’m sure they would have people up their asses about sourcing too.

and the shear lack of caring and the lack of sympathy for artists you profit off off just make people react.

and seriously, just because everyone else does it, doesn’t been you should do the same, when you know what’s right and what wrong.

In conclusion, I no longer give 2 shit about these brats who run the page, no offense to teens. because I know alot fo you are awesome and aren’t petty, but it’s people like them that gives a bad name to teens everywhere. They will continue to be assholes to anyone and everyone who want s things done right and that’s how it’s going to be. I’m done , I’m too old to give a damn about some brats wanting popularity, and neither should any of you <3 they r not worth it you guy !

Rock on ! and special thanks to Akira Dark who spend hours last time crediting only to be deleted after. He deserves some mention in this really <3


At this point they r just going to keep ignoring the artists. But Screw them ! Lets create our own page that does an awesome job sharing and promoting the artist, everyone like this page!!!Admins found thanks everyone !

Spread the word, lets make our page more successful ! If we can’t beat them join them(but do it right)

join us here:

join us here:

join us here:

join us here:

I got a twitter

 finally XD

I’ve never used this, was wondering if it’s faster to transmit messages, such as my next live stream via twitter or something,

their Love is eternal

The Nightmare before Christmas

their Love is eternal

The Nightmare before Christmas

Beauty and the beast and Esmeralda ^_^ I hope you guys like, They were fun to paint !

Thank you for re-blogging from me !

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okay I’m just wanna rant for a bit ,  I know a lot of artist Feels the same way.

When people Like your stuff and want to share it on their website, be it tumblr, facebook,9gag whatever, I’m totally fine with that, in fact makes me happy because I enjoy sharing my art with the world, and making people happy is what makes me happy and accomplished as an artist. but then they go on to either claim they own it, Drew it or never credit you for it. And I’m not talking about once or twice, But Many many times. I wouldn’t mind it it happened ocationally, but it’s been happening alot. and It can be very very annoying.

I know and have heard alot of really good artist have stopped sharing their art for this very reason.Back then, I never thought this could actually drive someone to quite the internet altogether. But now after experiencing it a bit myself, I think I can understand.

Now I have to Give a big thank you to many of the people out there looking out for the artist ! It’s Those people that makes me think, I’m glad someone has my back.

Please from now on, always credit or source back to the original artist, we will greatly appreciate it, you have no idea! <3

This is for the lols ( RLY GUY ?) This Has gotta be the worse cover up ever!!! I wasn’t even pissed when I saw how badly he tried to cover up my name on the left side. But somehow misses the bigger water mark , Guess this person got lazy.

ps. I have been putting bigger water marks and uploaded smaller res of my work because of this, I hope that helps

OMg i just saw this on deviantart, and my jaw dropped it’s so awesome to see a cosplay based on one of my paintings, of male cruella .
This fabulous cosplay is done by NipahCos on Deviant art!

go check out some of his other awesome cosplays *_* !

from two of my favorite Studio Ghibli films,

I give you prince mononoke and lady howl. I had alot of fun painting this ! hope you guys like.

Again please reblog from me if you want to share on your tumblr! I would greatly appreciate it ;w; ! <3 and thank you all for looking out for me from those who post my stuff without crediting me.

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My entry for Anime  North cover contest.
If I can place first I&#8217;ll be attending AN 2014 ^_^ if no then I wont be going &gt;.&lt;;;;
I really want to go this year so I&#8217;m crossing my fingers.

My entry for Anime  North cover contest.

If I can place first I’ll be attending AN 2014 ^_^ if no then I wont be going >.<;;;

I really want to go this year so I’m crossing my fingers.

Some more of my gender bend, this time, of Pocahontas and Cruella from 101 dalmatians  and I did some progress shots^_^ Please reblog from me if you want to share ! thank you ! I’m really getting tired of people posting my stuff without credit >__<….

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See the progress shot of the 101 dalmatian here

how i go about painting eyes ^^

how i go about painting eyes ^^

my take on little mermaid gender bend , hope you guys like , this was really fun to paint haha.

Please Reblog from me if you want to share, I’ve had too much trouble with people, posting my stuff on their blog without  crediting me  : ( Pocahontas is next ^_^

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