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(though now she is also popular on other websites like tumblr). Well, she isn’t just popular, she is also a great artist. For some kids in high school, drawing was a hobby. Something we found amusing because it made  “real” those characters we made up. For her, it was a passion.

When we became friends, she confessed how she got that good. “For a year, I drew ten sketches a day.” This statement did not surprise me, knowing the incredible amount of sketches you can find all around her house. But it is worth noting she also had/has the attitude and the techniques to suceed in this endeavour. She is a determined and positive woman and she has the motivation to do better, better than the day before. I never saw her outright request a critique from anyone, but very often, you’d catch her holding up her nails in front of her eyes, measuring and comparing the propotion of this man’s arm to his torso, count the number of head this teenager had in height, etc

Apart from being an amazing friend, she taught me a lot in the few months we were close.
I am in your debt, Sakimichan.

aw<3  : )now I’m trying to improve as much as I can so I try to ask for critiques on my work online and in rl especially if I’m not too sure about something. I’m very happy with the constrictive critics that I’m getting from my fellow artist and appreciators, thank you and  I’ll keep it up !

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